Composite Approach is a full service Advanced Composite facility dedicated to the conception, development, fabrication and production of all types of performance composite products.

Flight Metrics | Aircraft Services

From start-to-final-fly-off builds, to inspections and upgrades, Flight Metrics is a great resource for your experimental and certified aircraft needs.

Advanced & Classic Composite Tooling

Perhaps we like the challenge, but it isn’t often that we turn down a project. If you have an idea but think it can’t be taken to that “next” level, let us convince you otherwise.

Production & Manufacturing

Offering full Turn-Key Assemblies and beyond; Our Bend, Oregon facility has the ability to manufacture your next Advanced Composite project.

Product Research & Development

Partnering in design and innovation, we help push the envelope in a variety of industries. Check out our latest!

Established in Central Oregon over 21 years ago, Composite Approach specializes in composite related projects. While the majority of our experience lies in the high performance aircraft industry, we are dedicated to the conception, development, fabrication and production of all types of performance composite projects. Over the last five years, we have turned our focus to Advanced Composites contract manufacturing, CAD design and engineering and providing full turn-key assemblies to our clients. This full-service approach to doing business is proving to be a huge success as we continue to build both quality products and long-term relationships. Give us an opportunity to make something for you today!

We offer a wide range of other services including design consultation, project research and development, manufacturing integration and contract production. Our tested and proven team members bring a wide range of experience and in-depth knowledge to the table. At Composite Approach, we strive to provide excellent, quality work with integrity and confidence in the final product. Spanning all aspects of the composite industry, we are capable and inspired to take on any project big or small. Our goal at Composite Approach is to build long-term relationships with our customers and we are dedicated to your success.

Recent Posts

Time for Change: Winter 2017

The day after Christmas this year, we were pleased to give a pretty cool gift to a member of our Central Oregon community. Our owners heard about a friend of a friend who needed some work done on his house. James had been in a pretty severe accident, resulting in many...

Time for Change: Fall 2017

          On the first of September, our assembly crew took on a floor-remodeling project at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Redmond. With a rented carpet cleaning machine, a couple buckets, a mop, and some rags, Tristyn, Nate, Dave, and Mike made the floors as good...

Time for Change: Spring 2017

This May, as part of the Time for Change initiative, we were pleased to help Cindy—friend of Lisa, one of the Composite Approach lay up technicians. With a team of six, led by Lisa, along with a truck and a horse trailer, we got Cindy all packed up and ready to move...

Meet Woody!

In late December our new shop was graced with the presence of a new team member. With a Z-axis of 24” and weighing in at 10,000 lbs, “Woody,” our new Thermwood M70, brought some unique talents to our little enterprise. With a 10’ x 5’ envelope and a gantry that moves...

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