Our History


From an early age Brian Harris, owner of Composite Approach, would often be found taking apart clocks, microwaves, or bicycles just to put them back together again. It is now no surprise that he leads a team of craftsman, building elite composite custom aircraft, automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, and aircraft parts; custom auxiliary fuel cells; ocean drones; composite molds and plugs and anything else anyone can dream up. Harris and his team thrive on the development of new projects and the creation of streamlined manufacturing practices.

In the winter of ‘96 Harris started working for a builder assist center specializing in composite aircraft. Throughout 1997-2003 Brian traveled around the United States working on Lancair airplanes and other various composite aircraft. It is here that he gained intensive knowledge and hands-on skills for working with composites.

Projects kept coming for Harris and in 2005 he began working closely with Lancair on the development of a couple of research and development projects they were working on at the time. In 2006, they began development of the Evolution (Code named “Elvis” at the time). This was an incredible project that utilized a wide range of skills in Harris personally and in his entire crew.

“Elvis” first took flight in March of 2008 and proved to be both an incredible airplane and an instant success. Composite Approach continues to assist Lancair Evolution kit buyers in the completion of their aircraft from Build Shop to Initial Flight Testing and beyond.

As we continue to diversify our business, Composite Approach is always on the lookout to partner with both the start-up and the established alike with their advanced and classic composite needs.


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