Phill Hebener: Resident Manufacturing Expert

Phill Hebener has worked on everything from speaker boxes to airplanes. After completing his education at the Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, AZ, and spending years as a diesel mechanic, Phill was hired at the loading dock for Seaswirl Boats in Culver, OR. He quickly became the manager on a production line, and got interested and involved in the creation process itself. Later Phill’s friend came to him with an idea for vehicle rooftop boxes. Phill helped make his idea a reality, and the boxes were later bought out under the name Packasport. After this came a 17-year stint at Lancair, where Phill built both certified and kit aircraft—without a CNC machine. Later on, Phill accumulated over four years of additional aircraft manufacturing experience working with Windward Performance and Cascade Aircraft Management. Phill also assisted Steve Fossett with the Spirit of America—the racecar being modified in 2007 with the goal of breaking the land speed record.

This rich history has equipped Phill with the expertise that makes him the perfect fit for a role in tool and part manufacturing. As Mold Shop Team Lead at Composite Approach, Phill does it all. He not only oversees the production process, but he also has his hands in the details: creating lay-up schedules, tooling and part manufacturing, trimming, bonding, wet lay-up, and infusion. On top of it all, Phill is one of the hardest workers we know—it is an absolute pleasure to have him as part of our team.

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