Product Development

When you are looking for team collaboration and a partnership during the process of product development, look no further than Composite Approach. We pride ourselves by going the extra mile and making sure that your success is our number one priority. Whether your product is big or small, is in its infancy stage or about to leave the nest, our ability to provide a think tank of experience in the composite industry is second to none. As of December 2015, we now have a full time mechanical engineer dedicated to providing a well-rounded experience.

"We selected Composite Approach as our partners in a competitive bid process because of their rare combination of excellent culture, technical expertise and collaborative, creative problem solving. They exceeded our expectations. Composite Approach became a critical success factor for our ability to bring an innovative, high performing new product to market".

Will Warne - kidRunner

"These guys are able to think outside the box. Their craftsmanship and steadfast determination have been pivotal in our success."

Robert Johans - Nest Caravans

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