Time for Change: Fall 2017

On the first of September, our assembly crew took on a floor-remodeling project at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Redmond. With a rented carpet cleaning machine, a couple buckets, a mop, and some rags, Tristyn, Nate, Dave, and Mike made the floors as good as new! They mopped, stripped, and waxed the vinyl and tile floors; repaired tears in the vinyl and carpet; shampooed the carpets; and cleaned the trim and windows. But that wasn’t enough for them—afterward Dave and Dan offered assistance to one of Dave’s friends. They loaded up her old Dodge Durango onto the trailer, and took it to the dump, retaining the tires so they could sell them and give the proceeds back to her. We were honored to be able to serve a nonprofit in our Redmond community, as well as one of our employee’s friends—and it only took half a day! To our surprise, we were blessed by the grateful response of staff and clients at the Pregnancy Resource Center when they brought us a thank-you gift of homemade bread, jam, and candy. Serving our community is sweet!

Time for Change: Making a difference, one person at a time.

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